Nothing changes

C. S. Lewis said: “Isn’t in funny when you go from day to day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

I saw a pay phone on the weekend.  Not a fancy one – not in a glass booth that takes credit cards – just an old pay phone that you put money in to make a call.  Remember that?  This one is in our campground and sits quite exposed except for a wooden back and small ledge above it.

I remember when you dropped a dime in to make a call.

Now we carry little radios around with us – we pull out our cell phone or smart phone.  We dial a number and poof we’re connected.  Some even can do video chat!  Remember “The Jetson’s”…as kids we watched them do this and thought WOW isn’t that the future!  Seems like the future is now.

So what is it we dream about now that will be reality in the future?

Technology keeps moving forward.

But could we dream about kindness, fairness, honesty as our future?

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