Fault finding and effective leadership

Whether it is in a car or in the office or for that fact in our homes – we tend to see problems and associate blame with others.  Even the disciples of Jesus 2000 years ago viewed problems as someone’s fault…”Rabbi, whose sin caused this man to be blind?” was their question.

I wonder how often we tend to look at our own behaviour, at our own place in relation to the issue at hand.  It isn’t easy and it isn’t always possible.  Sometimes our own blind spots get in the way – we need feedback from another party.
If you’re married you know our spouses are often the ones to help us, and point out that we too exhibit some of the very behaviours we find we dislike in others.
Feed back is critical to our growth and success – especially if we lead or work in a team.  Of course many of the leadership books will tell you that depending our your role, if you’re a leader, it is hard to get honest feedback.  The first step in getting good feedback is in inviting it – and having received it not defending or appear to defend your actions or words.  Listen – look for the golden nugget of truth and build trust with your team mates.
Without honest feedback you’ll never know when you have been an effective leader.

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