Protect our children

There are few things, or few people, that bring as much joy to my heart like Rachel does.  Family has always been important – we love our kids (which includes their spouses…I think they’re OUR kids too) and our parents, siblings etc.  But Rachel has brought a new magic in our home.

Part of it is her innocence – she comes with a purity that is quite powerful.  Innocence is powerful.  I hope she’ll remain innocent for a long time.  Of course in time she’ll face other people – likely other kids first who’ll expose her to hatred, prejudice, selfishness – she’ll see what happens when people prefer power over love, jealousy over care, pride over humility.  She’ll be exposed to the dirt of our culture and will have to decide herself what she will value.

For our part we will be loving her, praying for her, giving her every encouragement all the way to retain her integrity, value selflessness and to be a citizen of heaven before she becomes a member of our warped way of living.

I think her purity is what brings us such joy.  Like new fallen snow she still seems untouched by the world.

Maybe that’s why Jesus loved and valued children so much.

Maybe that’s why he warned the adults of His day that bringing any kind of harm to a child would bring a harsh punishment by our Heavenly Father.

She’s a lovely little girl.

Dear Jesus – protect her innocence. Protect all our children

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