Montreal for a weekend

The DC watches Wendy get his car ready!

 Hospitality is what we experienced on our visit to Montreal.  And it came in so many ways – conversation, food, laughter, prayer, travel and good singing were just a part of it.  While our arrival was a bit delayed due to weather,  we received a warm welcome and we were made to feel very much at home.   While the photos might lead you to believe we did a great deal of sight-seeing, we did also do a good deal of work.  The charm of the city was evident even though the snow fell hard and thick.

Montreal City Hall

We would very much like to return to Montreal in warmer weather to see more of the sights, and to be able to walk the old city.  We’ve done so in Quebec City and while larger, Montreal has it’s own old world charm!

Old Montreal

Montreal Citadel

French first, English second, God above all

Kathryn and Kester are session mates!

Sunday morning – CCC – the worship team prepares

A lovely service led well

It’s cold in Old Montreal

I see Habs stuff everywhere!

Cobble stone streets

Great restaurants!

Global TV must be interested in our visit

Maybe next time I can get to a game!

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