The flow of the tide

Being on vacation is a reminder of the rest that most of us need from time to time.  It is a moment to do the things we don’t have time, or location to do in our routine of daily life.  I have for many years viewed vacation as the opportunity to live as I would like – perhaps a precursor to retirement.  Yet the older I get and the closer retirement creeps the more I am convinced that vacation is no substitute for real life or for real rest.

Mark Buchanan was the one who really got me thinking about the difference between vacation and Sabbath.  He challenged my thinking – Sabbath must be about renewal, vacation must be about relaxation and enjoyable recreation, not about getting ready to survive work until the next break!

So I approach vacations differently these days and while where we spend them, and how we spend them is just as important as ever, the focus has changed for me.

There are tides in life – the ebb and flow of such give to us opportunity to enjoy a different scenery, but the weekly tide of life must include renewal.  Four weeks a year is not enough.

Thank you LORD for Sabbath moments and vacation time.

Wendy and Sue down by the water – tide’s out

the view from here

would love to be a local

local bugs

local gardens

home for a week

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