Commissioning 2011

Yesterday was the Commissioning and Ordination of the Ambassadors of Holiness Session.  For Wendy and I we’ve had a more personal interest in this group – for a couple of reasons.  Last night we were thrilled to share in the evening as we watched Kyla become an Officer in The Salvation Army.  Kyla’s path to this moment has bee one we’ve been privileged to share in.  There were so many highlights to the evening that it won’t be possible to capture them all here – but a few photos will help portray something of the evening.  The ordination portion is always moving – and a reminder of our own covenant…to live for God, to bind ourselves in covenant, to give ourselves in the service to others.  The reminder is also a good time to consider again how God has been with us, how God has been our strength, how God has always been faithful. 

The Toronto Convention Centre

Commissioner Francis

General Linda Bond receives a warm welcome home

Cadet Charles Chalrimawia from India East

The Cadets & Aux Captains sing

General Bond shares

Kyla becomes a Lieutenant

Cadets Peter & Grace Kim and their family

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