Pack with care – drive with caution

Would you like some tape with that?

First of all let me welcome follower 80… trust you enjoy the insights into our world.  The boxes continue to mount.  We are down to just a few things now.  Packing is like running a capital campaign, fund raisers will tell you that raising the first 80% is the easiest part – the tough part is raising the last 20%. I think packing the last 20% is the toughest.  Still we keep packing – the printer went into a box tonight, the filing cabinet is empty, the clothes are sorted and boxed, the freezer is nearly empty…and so it goes.

I went to get some groceries tonight – and of course as I was going to wandering around the store for a bit I thought it would be good to pick up a coffee at the local Tim’s…. and then the sign.  It’s been like this for a bit.  I don’t know who drove into it, but obviously they didn’t read it, or should I say, heed it!
That’s what the sign said

It just seemed too funny not to grab a photo of it.

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