Boxes and memories

The work continues. I think we’re around 100 boxes to-date. It also is purging time for us. I’ve taken quite a bit of stuff to the thrift store as they are open. I’ve made sure that anything electronic works and donated items are clean. If you’re donating to a thrift store this is very helpful….

Pack with care – drive with caution

Would you like some tape with that? First of all let me welcome follower 80… trust you enjoy the insights into our world.  The boxes continue to mount.  We are down to just a few things now.  Packing is like running a capital campaign, fund raisers will tell you that raising the first 80% is…

Blogging vs. packing

Blogging is being interrupted by packing boxes.  It’s true – books are done, pictures are off the walls and wrapped with care, even Wendy’s quilting supplies and sewing accessories are in boxes. Tonight we managed to throw out some stuff, pack some stuff and take in a hot fudge sunday at McD’s as our reward.