The Waters return to Ontario

Well for sometime it has been known that we are on the move…again!  While the past appointment, and the one before were only 2 years in length, we’ve been in Alberta now for 11 years.  Hard to believe we drove all this way with 13 and 16 year old sons and today, they are both grown and married men!

Today was announced that we will be moving to Territorial Headquarters.  Wendy will be in the Corps Ministries Department as the Adult Ministries Secretary.  I will be in the Personnel Department as the Candidates Secretary.

So with those announcements we leave behind a most wonderful province and people.  The citizens of Alberta have supported The Salvation Army strongly giving more than any other province in the nation.  We’ve loved our days in Calgary as Corps Officers, as Area Commanders serving northern Alberta and the Northern Territories. We have great people – great officers and volunteers – great employees.  It has been a real privilege to share in ministry together.

We still have a few weeks and we’ll enjoy every last moment.  If we haven’t been your way lately feel free to be in touch with us.  We want to make sure we say goodbye to as many as possible.  Thank you for the privilege of sharing these years with you.

And finally – congratulations to Cadet Kyla who will soon be the Corps Officer in Fernie, BC.

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