How do you handle change?

Tomorrow we are off to Ontario – a quick visit with Mom before the second set of Consultation meetings in preparation for the Annual June change.  We’re looking forward to connecting with Mom as she continues to heal following her surgery.  It is amazing what medical science can do!  Her birthday is coming next week – am I suppose to still be saying you’re 39 Mom?

Speaking of the Annual June change – when SA officers move to new assignments – the question was raised with me recently by another DC who wondered out loud if we could do away with this annual ritual.  It would require a different way of looking at how we manage change as there are continual changes in the lives of officers that mean a geographical move or change in assignment.  As well there are the needs of the SA as officers retire, resign or become ill.  In April of 2009 I posted this question and surprisingly it has received a significant number of hits.  Certainly there has been much discussion down through the years around our system.

The one thing that seems certain is that any system has it’s strengths and weaknesses.  So are we anxious to change because we think another system would benefit us, or because it is human nature to grow tired of what is common?

At the end of the day I was intrigued by the question posed by Michael Hyatt on his blog – is Romans 8:28 still in the Bible?  Do we believe that God is working on our behalf to fulfill His will and that that will include some joyful days and some difficult days?

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