Yellowknife airporter reporting

If you cast your eyes across the rather flat horizon at the Yellowknife airport, you might be forgiven for thinking that the landscape is entirely flat.  It isn’t of course – there are lots of lakes and trees and rolling hills.  In this northern town (city) of under 20,000 people The Salvation Army has three facilities – a small house, the YK Centre and Bailey House.  These facilities are run well by Majors Dale and Jo Sobool who lead our work in this northern setting.  Dale and I walked over to visit the Mayor this morning and man was it cold!
We’ve had a good weekend here, and despite our flight being 2 hours late arriving in Yellowknife we will miss being here.  Now it’s time to head home and to enjoy being back in the routine of home.  In the Yellowknife airport is a display of a Polar Bear chasing a seal through a hole in the ice.  How the seal gets a hole in the ice I do not know.  But if I was a seal wanting to see another day I would make sure I had one!

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