Christmas Quilt from fabric panel

This blog post was from several years ago…not sure of the date but likely 2011.

This was a quilt that Wendy made for her Mom one Christmas.  I’ve imported the post so you’ll see some boxes that came along with the pictures and text.  At any rate here’s her post….

Wendy writing…

Since I began to quilt I have wanted to incorporate embroidery into my projects.  Last year I was fortunate enough to finally save up enough money to buy myself an embroidery machine.  After practicing for some time I felt adequate enough to bring quilting and embroidery together.

A snowflake embroidered on the quilt


A beautiful cardinal and the emboridery
The project I chose was a lap quilt using a wintry print and adding snowflake embroidery.  My Mom loves Cardinals (Fred: “the birds not the Catholics”) and the material had a lovely cardinal as part of the pattern.  This came from a panel of material.
 This is a very creative way of taking a piece of material using it productively for a great end product.
I actually started this during the summer when we were camping – I take my sewing machine away with us and work on some of my projects in our trailer.  You can read about some of our camping trips on this blog.  It was wonderfully satisfying to see this come together nicely.
Christmas gift 2010
The quilt
Embroidery on the edge

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  1. mom W says:

    what a beautiful piece of work Wendy, how clever you are, that is a real gift from God.

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