Destination Kananaskis

After a stormy weekend in Alberta the roads were clear as we made our way to Kananaskis where we will be holding our Annual Retreat.  Which reminds me…armies don’t retreat they advance to the rear! Thanks Linda for that statement.

Our host at the front desk asked us if we’ve ever been here before.  The first time was actually for a DY’s conference in 1992.  I remember we drove in late in the evening – it was pitch black.  There are no lights along this highway as you follow the Kananaskis River towards Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

The next morning as dawn broke over the mountains I was amazed at the view.  Immediately I thought of King David’s words: “I lift my eyes until the hills, from where comes my help?  My help comes from the maker of heaven and earth.”

Even today as we drove out I affirmed to Wendy that I am always at awe of God’s creation feeling dwarfed by the magnificent scenery and the scale which surrounds us.  God who carved out this wonder is my help.

The Kananaskis VillageTomorrow our group will arrive in full force.  We will spend time relaxing and enjoying the splendor of this setting once again.  But my greatest hope is that we might be of encouragment to each other, that we would build up not tear down, that we would affirm not cast doubt and that we would be open to God speaking into our hearts and minds.
Kananaskis might be our destination for now.  The final destination for those who have faith in God is Heaven.

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