Thank God for great leaders

The end of a long day has caught me in a rather refective mood. After many meetings today, some casual and comfortable, others formal and more difficult, I find myself considering leadership. This is about my leadership and that of others.

The people I met with today were all leaders – all within The Salvation Army, all with varying degrees of skill and a host of personalities! Some who read my blog!

I am also refecting on the recent interview I watched of former President George W. Bush. No matter what your take on the former President I was taken by his frankness and genuine openess. Let’s face it, is there a tougher job?

The President spoke of the decisons he made, good and bad. He talked about getting good and “not so good” advice. He talked about his inner thoughts when faced with some tough decisions.

Here’s what impressed me: 1. He did not, would not criticize President Obama – out of respect for the man and the office. He said “it weakens the country that I love”.

2. He admitted that some decisions were not right, but bore full reponsibility for them. He did not blame hsi advisors.

3. He demonstrated a wisdom that was surprising to me. He did not seem so wise in office. Then I wondered – how much did I see of him – just those little news clips. Maybe we judge too quickly.

The man has been the brunt of many jokes – but in the lengthy interview he demonstrated real character. At the end of the day that’s what really matters.

It is easy to be an arm chair critic of leaders – but being one has taught me that decision making is not an easy thing but a skill that reveals both character and experience.
Jesus is the greatest example of a leader – focused, insightful, understanding and willing to sacrifice.

Thank God for great leaders.

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