Finding the right pillow

Remember the story of Goldilocks?  One chair is too big, the other too small.  One bowl too hot, the other too cool.  One bed too hard, the other too soft.  I’ve got two pillows on the bed – one too firm, the other too soft.  So tonight I went shopping for a new pillow.  I looked at $50 pillows and $5 pillows.  Pillows made of foam – some apparently with a memory!  Pillows of feather seemed nice too!

In the end I settled for what seems a very inexpensive pillow, just $15…but I think it will be just right!

No more waking up fighting with pillows, sore neck, rolling and tossing trying to get comfortable.  Maybe.

We’ll see….how will the Simmons Beautyrest sensalux pillow feel?  Doesn’t the word “sensalux” sound just right? Stay tuned to for the report from the shoulders up.

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