Churchill Sqaure at lunch

Every day this nice weather continues I feel it must be the last.  This time last year it was COLD….it felt like winter had arrived.  Today, though breezy, was again a sunny, nice day.  Not quite as warm as yesterday but nice. (By the way it snowed in Calgary today).

So over lunch I picked up my camera and went for a walk around Churchill Square (by City Hall).
I think I have mentioned before how dangerous I find the crosswalks of this city.  People slow down…but if you are not right in front of them they tend to drive right through the crosswalk.

// the southwest corner of Churchill Square a busker plays most days – I do not know his name but he is very talented.  Today I recorded a short video of him playing.  Across from there is the library and they still have large planters with beautiful plants growing in them.

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