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Handyman Fred

It isn’t too often that my toolbox is out and open, but the trailer does afford opportunity from time to time. This photo shows the trailer as we were leaving today. My new platform for us to exit the trailer is in place, painted and carpeted. Not a big deal for many a handyman, but this Ikeda carpenter was pretty pleased. I also painted our power box and post to blend in to the theme.

The real carpenter of the family built the chair out front! It’s one of our favourite things.


The winning chair

 The chair sanded back to clean wood

Some time ago, perhaps around 2009 or 2010 Phil entered a skills competition for apprentice carpenters. I am trying to remember accurately but I believe he was in his final year as an apprentice – and was on the verge of having his status as a journeyman carpenter.

The project which the competitors had to complete was a folding Adirondack chair.  The wood, tools and work area are set aside for each competitor and they are timed.  Of course accuracy is also significant in deciding a winner.

At any rate – Phil won that competition.  As the winner he also won some tools and one of those tools was too large for him to put in his car so he asked me to pick it up for him in our van.  When I arrived to pick up the tool I saw that the chair was still sitting there – unclaimed as it was and unwanted by Phil I asked if I could take it.  Given a yes it too went into the van and we’ve had it as an unfinished product ever since.

This year I decided to take it to the trailer and finish it there.

As it has been sitting in the car port the first job was to get it sanded down and cleaned up. Getting between the slats is no small feat but within the day I had that done.

The pre-stain treatment

Wendy and I decided to use a stain and to create a washed out effect to our chair choosing a blue that would compliment the trailer.  The picture to the right shows the chair with the pre-stain treatment and also I’ve lifted it a bit so you can see how the back supports slip out from behind the rear legs.

Staining I have decided must be a lost art.  That’s a more tedious task than I had imagined.  Here’s the chair with three coats done – a fourth coat is being considered!

We rather like the effect and it is comfortable to sit in and so far this summer it’s had quite a bit of use!

So that’s the winning chair.

By the way Phil went to Halifax for the national competition.  The project there was a playhouse.  He won that competition too and then quit carpentry and began his educational path to be a paramedic.

He is a very talented young man!

Final product