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Wisdom in 2016

Each morning I receive into my inbox an email that highlights one small piece of CS Lewis’ writings. Sometimes it is an exerpt from his Narnia series, sometimes from another book he has written and other times from letters that he wrote to others at the end of his life.

They are always interesting and give insight in to the day to day thinking of this intellectual and spiritual giant, at other times it is an open door to the emotions he displays in his own struggles.

I find it to be reassuring that someone like CS Lewis had real struggles, that he wrestled with feelings and thoughts as we do, well I do. He does not like growing old, yet he clearly understands that he is on his way to a better time (I hesitate around the word place) which he compares to a river struggling to make its way to the open sea.

His writings always point to God, always point to faith as a way of life, but never excuse or dismiss the struggles of life, and in his letters he always affirms the expressed problems or worries that the received letter has generated. I like that. I like that he is quick to acknowledge that this life is filled with struggle.

Jesus said, in this world you will have trouble. Yes indeed.

As long as we have family ot worry about. As long as sin abounds. As long as people choose poorly. As long as we continue to live beyond our means, to serve ourselves, we will have trouble.

So how we do I choose to live? Well I’ve learned long ago that faith needs to be at the centre of life. It might not give me all the answers, but it does give me perspective. I would like all my family to choose the same, for it brings less pain in to life, but I know they will not all choose so.

So I pray that God will influence their thinking, their choosing.

It’s so easy to drift.

It’s also so easy to choose.

Jesus told those who listened – choose life.

So for 2016 I desire to choose wisdom.


If time was a commodity would it beat Apple’s value

Every birthday brings us closer to the realization that we are rushing toward a day when we’ll stand before our maker.  Not everyone would agree, some might say there is nothing beyond this life but rest…that death is death and silence in the grave proves it.  My belief is that I do not live in the land of the living but in the land of the dying and death brings a release into eternity that promises:

no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” – Revelation 21

As I think about the value of time I’m haunted – occassionally – that I’m a waster of time.  I think about the hours spent doing things that have not proved me to be a better person, to have advanced my character or aided me in making a difference in the world.  I am certain that this is true for most people and I suspect that it has to do with our propensity to take the road of least resistance.  We are creatures of comfort.  I also suspect that we are this way because we do not entirely appreciate or understand the value of time.

Consider the question; “if this were your last day on life what would you do?”

Immediately our lens focus changes and we think about people we should talk to, places we would visit, loose ends we would tie up.  I have a friend who works here who knows she’s dying.  When I talked to her it was a very different conversation.  There was focus to her living.

I wonder at times if we could buy and sell time on the stock market what would it sell for?  My guess is that it would far out value Apple stock.

Well that’s my thought for today….

What are you thinking about?

Happy birthday Phil

Phil is in school this week as he continues to upgrade his skills as he works his way towards being a Paramedic.  This is a fairly complex system from my outside view. He has shown such tremendous resolution to keep going but then what would you expect from Philip?!

I get to see Amanda and Carlyle today as I jump over to their little town from Edmonton where I am attending a conference for a couple of days.  I’m very excited about seeing them…and hopefully I’ll see Phil before I head home.

hiking up Cougar Creek together

As we celebrate his birthday my memory is stirred to remember all the previous birthdays with cake cupcakes (without icing – he didn’t like sweet things) and friends and bowling or whatever the activity would be.  But activity had to be part of his birthday!

Today we celebrate the wonderful man he has become – a husband, a father, a professional who is anxious to help others.

Happy birthday Philip.