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What do you want to be?

I’ve written here before about my enjoyment of podcasts.  There are so many, and so many excellent resources.  Of course some of them are funny, some educational and some inspirational.  I listen regularly to BBC Friday night comedy (The News Show), 60 Minutes, Grammar Girl, Oxford Biographies, The Look & Sound of Leadership, Westminster Hour, Rex Murphy, Stuff You Missed in History Class and The Leadership Podcast (by Andy Stanley).

This morning I was listening to Andy’s podcast “A new you resolution”.  Classic insight!  If you’re in your 20’s you might want to find it and take a listen…if you’re in your 30’s you had better listen! And if you’re in your 40’s you should listen to it twice.

There I go using the word SHOULD!  Gee I really don’t like it when I find that word in my vocabulary.  I mean who said you SHOULD.  Is there a rule?  And where are the SHOULD police?

I digress.

Andy’s excellent insight revolves around the simple thought that when we spend our lives working on doing…we miss something essential.  What he suggests is crucial to personal freedom and success is knowing first what you want to BE!  When what we want to be is clear everything falls in place.

He recounts making this clear by writing out what he wanted people to say at his funeral.  His first example is with the word HONEST.  To be honest…..so think about the opposite.  To think this through think about consequences.  For example dishonesty erodes relationships.

So if you died what words would you want to be said about you at your funeral?  Kind? Patient? Happy?

I’ve been thinking about my words.  What about you – what are your words?  What do you want to be?


No guarantees

Welcome to follower 65…the genesis of this blog was in my desire to be able to share our days with family in Ontario after we moved to Alberta. I never envisioned followers…just family being interested!

Tomorrow I will lead the funeral for Amanda’s Uncle Doug, Dave’s brother. Loss of loved ones is a deep emotion which, like the tide can overwhelm at times. It has been a while since I have done a funeral, and it is always a sacred thing to be invited to share such a personal journey. Doug was just 6 months younger than me – a young age to die!

But then that’s life – none of us ever really knows what lies in the next day. There are no guarantees – only grace to live. God’s grace is sufficient. Entirely!