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Amazing evening

Every once in a while, we get to have an experience that has nothing to do with Fred and Wendy and everything to do with the reputation and work of The Salvation Army. This past week was one of those experiences.

We enjoyed a most remarkable dinner at O’Brien house on Meech Lake, QC. This historic home which has been restored fully was the site of our NAB dinner and our guest was the USA Ambassador to Canada.  Ambassador Croft was gracious and has a rather intimate understanding of TSA. She spoke well and delightfully of The Army, our work and her experience with us.

The setting, the meal and the guest made it a most remarkable evening.


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Waters/Webb gathering

Someone asked me yesterday what the relationship is between Marilyn and myself.  The answer: we have the same grandfather.  There’s so much more to the story on on my blog you’ll find part of the story here.

Yesterday Marilyn and Ron hosted a lovely gathering of our families – of course we were not all there but many were and we were treated to a lovely roast beef dinner!  Wonderful veggies – tender beef – tasty desserts!  We were spoiled.

Here’s a few photos to tell the rest of the story.

Not all but much of the Waters/Webb clan

3 Webbs 3 Waters

The next generation

And then there’s Cath….

The reluctant blogger

I seem to be the reluctant blogger these days.  From the days – actually years – of daily blogging I am finding too much time between posts these days.  Now it isn’t because there is nothing to blog about, it just seems I am neglectful, perhaps the new year will bring a renewed sense of blogging.

At any rate here’s today’s report…it was the THQ Christmas party today.  The food was wonderful and the setting unique – the Ontario Science Centre.  Our team was there and we had a good time. We have a really great team.