Cats vs Dogs

When we moved to Hamilton in 1965 the folks who had lived in the house before us had been feeding a stray cat. So the cat wasn’t long after we arrived in trying to see if we would be friendly too. I had never had a cat or for that matter had much to do with cats so I was pretty interested in the cat. I remember bringing the cat into the house carrying it in my arms at 9 years of age with great glee. I petted it, buried my face in its soft fur, and enjoyed listening to it purr.

Within the next 15 minutes, I could hardly breathe or see.

Apparently, I am allergic to cats. Very allergic.

Can’t see, can’t breathe allergic.

Photo by Pixabay on

And I think that’s when I discovered that my Dad was allergic too.

That’s when Dad started with the family motto – a good cat is a dead cat – not really as terrible as it may seem to cat lovers. And no cats were ever harmed in the creation of the motto. I picked up the motto and use to repeat it to the boys as they grew up….in fun and in acknowledgment that Jason was lucky enough to pick up the cat allergy.

Years later for a school project on family, the class was asked to draw a family crest and create a family motto to go with it. Philip was in the class and you guessed it. I received a call from the teacher a bit concerned. I explained that was indeed the family motto but it was all in fun.

Well, we have some friends who love their cats. I don’t really understand why, but they do! So to them I offer these two illustrations of my feelings about cats these days!

Have a lovely day cat lovers!

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