VW for FW?

I’ve loved VW’s for a very long time. Maybe you’ve owned one. I never have. I’ve had many friends who did but so far not me.

Of course think of VW and think of the Bug. I’ve watched more than a few videos on restoring these great little cars. I don’t think that’s in the cards for me, but last week I decided to stop into the VW dealership.

In May I was driving a VW Tiguan around Toronto as a rental. I was SO impressed. Great handling, well laid out controls, super power with a turbo engine, and incredible gas mileage. As we’re deciding what do next year when a vehicle is not provided for us I went to see what they had in stock. Low and behold they have the very car I’m interested in. I’m still thinking about it.

But in the showroom was this car…

And it’s for sale! Just $17K. I didn’t take it for a test drive but I was sure tempted!

What would you do?

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