Black Dignity

Black dignity in a world made for Whiteness, that’s the subtitle. Get ready for a good read.

I like to read, I enjoy it, always have. I’ve read novels, leadership and strategy learning books, I’ve read historical and biographical books. I’ve read comics. The one thing I always enjoy is a well written book. And I enjoy books that inspire.

Austin Channing Brown’s book is well written and tells her own story in such a way as to help me rethink my story. I was particular struck by the story she tells of her husband driving two hours to see his parents. As she explains, white people wouldn’t think anything of that, but she worries about his being pulled over by the police, of being mistaken for someone else, of being assaulted for questioning them… the fear of living in a country where you can’t trust others is real, especially when those others are law enforcement.

It was clearly driven home for many of us with the death of George Floyd when the officer refused to get off his neck though he was calling out that he couldn’t breath.

I’m recommending it – and will be sharing it with others. I will say this. If you buy and read it, you’ll have to face to where you fit into the current reality. He does raise within us our own prejudices and assumptions which are so easily arrived at.

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