Eat at Fred’s

When we spent our summers at Camp Selkirk, there were weeks I enjoyed more than others, but there were also camp leaders I enjoyed working with a bit more than others. In case you were a camp leader and wondering who it was that I enjoyed working with… it was you.

I have to mention Ron Pinson, who was the divisional scouter, a wonderful leader, encourager and investor in the lives of young men. Ron was the driving force for the camp experience and I always enjoyed his time at camp. He was my guide in those days to all things scouting.

One year he had the kids go pick out some rocks and then they painted them up and coated them to preserve the paint – not the rock – I think the rock would be okay.

A cub leader made up this rock for me as they were, of course, eating in the dining room. It should have really said, Eat at Wendy’s but it doesn’t….

I’ve hung on to the rock for lots of reasons. First, it is a great reminder of the people who attended Camp Selkirk but also the great learning experience of leadership that those five years provided. So it’s more than a rock with my name on it. It’s a milestone rock!

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