Commissioner Harry Read

Commissioner Harry Read came into our lives just as we were heading off to College in 1981. He came to be the Chief Secretary for Canada and Bermuda and immediately won people with his quick wit, calm spirit and evident spirituality. I have been able to see him from time to time ever since and now Facebook allows us to stay in touch in a most remarkable way. Even though he is advanced in years his mind is sharp and his writing grows only deeper in relevance and insight. He posted this today and I thought I would share it as an example of his current writing. 

Abide in me! Lord, what a priceless thought
That I, a sinful person might abide;
Not merely have my sins declared as naught,
Nor only walk through life with you beside
But, to abide in you, and you in me.
From one high state to even higher state
To move, not by my own but your decree,
And even further heights anticipate.
In such abiding there is constant grace,
A constant source of energy and peace,
My heart’s enhancement as a holy place
Wherein your Spirit’s promptings never cease.
Within your will, Lord, I would ever dwell
And prove the meaning of ‘Immanuel’.
John 15: 4
“Abide in me, and I in you.”
With every blessing,

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