Happy anniversary

Seven years ago the day started with Jason, Paul and I heading out to go golfing before Jason and Susan got married in Grand Falls.  It was warm and sunny and in the midst of our golf game Philip called to talk to Jason and wish him well. From there to get ready and then the day went zooming by us with the energy, through the solemn marriage service and on to the broad smiles, loving hugs and the greatest of congratulatory wishes!

Now they are three children later – I’ve lost count of houses – and of course now in St. John’s enjoying being near Susan’s family and the gigantic step of Jason’s return to school. This September Susan starts her return to school as well (Seems to be a theme in our family!).
So we wish them the best of our hopes and of course our daily prayers.
Welcome to our family Susan

The Kiss – well one of them

The cake

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