Travel cam

It seems the whole world is being monitored in some way by one remote cam or another.  Can you go anywhere without being in view of some camera?

Traveling I meet lots of interesting people and today was MP Peter McKay.  He was in the lounge with his wife and son – obviously on the flight out of Halifax going to Ottawa.  My first inclination was to go say hello (I’m in my SA uniform)…I even thought about a photo op for a moment.  Then I thought about his little family.

So I smiled, nodded and left him alone.

He noticed my uniform and he’d be familiar with it.  I thought it might be better to let the man who lives in a bubble have a moment with his son.

Did he notice?  Did he appreciate it?  I decided it didn’t matter.  Let the poor man have a moment to breathe!

Maybe next time if he’s alone!


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