Post Christmas reflection

Christmas 2014 has come and gone.  The tree and decorations are still up of course and will be until next week, but the presents are opened, the turkey is cooked, carved and devoured….well we do have leftovers (mmm…leftovers) !

As always time with family is important, and we’re not quite done that yet with Harvey and Adele arriving tomorrow.  We’ll likely see Wendy’s Dad tomorrow too.

I’m grateful for the generosity of family – and most of all to have them nearby.  True our kids and grandkids are not so near but we do have the benefit of technology and we’ve certainly benefited from that this Christmas.

It’s also one year to the day that we had our power restored following 5 difficult days in the cold without any power.  The house got done to 5 degrees so we remember that well and are grateful to have had a season with power and good weather this year.

Wendy bought me the most wonderful plaque for my office wall.  It has the verse of Scripture which I have tried to live my life by.  It comes from Micah 6:8…

I’ve been working on a statement of purpose – a guide for living based on this verse.  Perhaps when it is done I’ll share it here but for now it’s still in draft form.

I’ve come to believe that while it’s important to base our living on the Bible, and on the truths contained within, there’s an advantage to declaring (and upholding) some specifics.  For example how do I act as a department head, or how do I deal with people I don’t like (yes I don’t like everyone) or how do I deal with difficult subjects that have much grey in them.

So I am working on a short document that will outline these things….

I do hope you’ve had a good season of family and celebration and that you are able to celebrate the birth of Jesus in a manner that brings joy to you and your loved ones and honour to Almighty God.

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