The famous Waters’ pickled beets

Beets are pickled – not something I thought I would ever say but Wendy’s been working hard to do some home made preserving this year.  We’ve got fresh peach jam and strawberry jam in the freezer and just the other day we added roasted butternut squash soup to the freezer!

Now we’ve got pickled beets in the fridge.  It was a fairly straight forward process – blanch the beets, trim, cut, prepare the vinegar and sugar and put them in the jars together.  The challenging part is keeping beet juice contained!

When we were all done we were thrilled to see we had contained the beet juice and no stains were to be had – even on us!

These were tasty beets!
Cut off the ends
We went with long beets
Boiled in the pot to blanch

Blanched and cut

A very nice consistency

Finished product

Looking forward to tasting!

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