Time marches on

Time marches on …and we’re just back from a visit to see Phil, Amanda and of course Carlyle.  Here’s Phil on his famous green tractor at age 4 or 5 and age 25!

He’s a joy to be with!

We were of course visiting for the express purpose of attending Amanda’s convocation which went very well.  We were thrilled to see her walk across the stage in her gown carrying her degree.  Amanda has worked very hard to achieve this and we not only congratulate her – we rejoice with her and brag about her!

We also spent time with Lynn, Sylvia and Tom, Sandra and James, Noelle and Dave, Dave and Sue (different Dave) and of course talking to numerous folks at Glenmore.

It would have been good to connect with a few more but there’s always next time….which we hope won’t be too far off.

More photos will follow when I get a chance to download them!

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