More news from St. John’s

Beth and Ted napping in my arms

A few more photos from our visit to St. John’s and our time with Jason, Susan, Rachel and Ted and Beth.  Rachel is growing up so much and her vocabulary is extensive.  She certainly knows what she wants and doesn’t want. She wasn’t so sure about all the attention going to Ted and Beth!

Grandpa look at me

She needed some new “fancy” shoes so off we went to Target but Rachel was a bit tired when we got there so there were some tears in the process but in the end she seemed pretty happy with her new black shoes!  Daddy helped her get past her tiredness and found just the right size!

So much joy in such a short period of time!

I must admit it was a tough thing to get on a plane and go home and yet we must both carry on our lives and look forward to when next we are together.

Let’s try on some new shoes

I don’t want to try on new shoes

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