Air Travel

It’s a month of air travel…and I do love being out with people and seeing the work that goes on in the field. And of course being out in the field from this office means flying. For the most part I travel Air Canada and they are doing better than they did and much better than the US air carriers do.

There are a couple of things I don’t like about air travel – one is the confined space when someone nearby is sick…cough, cough!  I think I’m going to be sick in a couple of days.   Second, and this one really gets under my skin is when the guy in front of me decides to put his, and yes it is almost always a him, chair back as far as possible and keeps it back for the whole flight…including while they get up and go off to the bathroom.

Here’s what I’ve learned about air travel.  Business travelers are favoured.  Either check your luggage or get on the plane early – late on with a carry on bag is always a struggle.  The more self contained you can be the better – don’t carry too much and I like a roller bag because you can end up doing a great deal of walking.  Be prepared to stay warm…airports and airplanes can be cool. Layers are best.

I’ve learned that you should expect delays and getting upset doesn’t help and doesn’t change the outcome.  I’ve learned to watch out for people wearing back packs – you’re going to get hit in the head if you don’t.

Finally, and of course this is far from exhaustive as a list, changing time zones is always a challenge.

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