What are you reading?

I have several books on the go right now.  I’m reading Team of Rivals…a very thick book on Abraham Lincoln and those who contested for the leadership of the democratic party in the 1860’s and how he used them to build a leadership team that led them through a time of tremendous struggle.  That’s by the bed!  I get tired just trying to hold up the 700 plus pages!

Then I’m carrying with me everywhere…God in my Everything. I’m really taken by the insightfulness of this author.  He is an excellent communicator and through the good graces of Arrow I’ll be taking Wendy to go and hear him speak in May.

On my phone (Kindle app) I’m reading What are you afraid of? by Dr. David Jeremiah.  Another good book and challenging to the actual operation of my faith.

Also on my phone I have The Lincoln Story Book by Williams Henry Llewelyn.  A somewhat older book it is a bit tougher going due to the older use of the English language.  But still a good book.

So that’s a few of my book interests right now….what about you?  What are you reading?

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