Family in the great outdoors

As a kid I spent a great deal of time outdoors.  I suppose in comparison to many children today most of my generation spent plenty of time outdoors.  Now don’t worry I’m not about to go on about how it was “in my day”.  My point is I loved the outdoors.  And I spent a great deal of time outside – especially in the summer.

This love of the outdoors which come from my Grandpa Eastland through my Mom….would seem to have passed on to Philip.  He is always looking for a way to be outdoors and loves nothing more these days than to have family outdoors with him.

He took us on a couple of good hikes and shared the terrain around their part of Alberta with us.

He has a chariot…as above….for pulling little Carlyle and some of their stuff along the trails.  It’s amazing to watch Amanda and Phil spending time with their little girl outdoors.

Love the autumn walk

Father and daughter

Look who is just off the path

time for lunch…grandma has Carlyle

where the bison roll in the dirt and rub on the trees

3-9 was our route

keep your eyes out along the trail

autumn beauty

Mom and Son enjoy the walk

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