Rachel’s two today

She can’t quite get two fingers up to tell you, yet she seems aware that there is something special going on today that’s about her!

It’s hard to believe how two years have come and gone so quickly, or for that matter that both Phil and Amanda and Susan and Jason will celebrate their fifth anniversaries this summer.  Yet the development of Rachel is evidence enough that this granddaughter is indeed growing up – and quickly!

She’s a sweet natured kid who loves to be on the go, with it seems little fear and lots of energy!  She gets up easily in the morning and always has a cheery “HI” for everyone she meets.  She loves to say “bye” if she’s ready to move on or she sees that you’re not staying.  She loves freezies – and since she can now say Grandpa clearly how can I resist.

She LOVES the muppets and is captivated by them – whether on TV or the iPad.  She has two little stuffed friends that her Aunt Heather and Uncle Sheldon gave her and she carries them in to bed each night where they snuggle in next to her.  She gives no resistance to bed time and happily gives everyone a hug and a kiss before climbing up on to her bed.

She loves to go for an evening walk with her Grandpa and lately Grandma has been joining in.  She welcomes us home from work and follows us to our bedroom where she knows she might get a bit of chocolate or a chance to sit on the bed while we get changed.

She says lots of words now – shoes, bye, HI, milk, up, down, ahhhh, and of course pee pee!  We’re still awaiting sentences and that will come in time but in the meantime she has quite the ability to tell us what she needs to without confusion.

Today she’s two years old and we love her!

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