The Final Service

I was a young Salvation Army officer trying to lead a group of Salvationists in Listowel as Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral were making history in developing a world renowned ministry “down the street from Hollywood”.  Everything about the Crystal Cathedral was iconic – the pastor, the setting, the buildings, the scope of ministry, the innovations – all of it was beyond my young imagination.  My young pastors competence simply couldn’t see how anyone let alone me, could build such a legacy.

Well the legacy is about to be inherited by someone else.

Meanwhile this Sunday is the first service in their new location – go here for some photos of a very modest setting.  The Christian Church has been in decline in North America for a number of years and while some individuals churches are doing well overall the language of our day is one of technology and personal freedom.  Though the Kingdom of God is doing well, the Crystal Cathedral represents, in my thinking, the overall well being of The Christian Church.

And at the end of the day perhaps a smaller, more intimate setting will do for this congregation what large scale strategy and planning could not – create the ground work for renewed growth.

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