BC’s Okanagan Valley

Overlooking Osoyoos

 What a privilege it was to be in the interior of BC last week.  This was a tour of Salvation Army facilities, and in time I will get to those stories and pictures.  In the meantime let me give you a few sample photos of the scenery beginning in Osoyoos!  This small town is located very close to the US border and is a hot spot in the summer for tourists and because it has one of the warmest mean temperatures in the country.  This link to their town website will give you further information.  It is a wonderful setting.

The Okanagan Valley

As you can see by the photos it is easy to overlook the town from the highway that rises out of the valley and takes you east towards Grand Forks and Christina Lake.  This significant climb was always a challenge when pulling the trailer but as they say, slow and steady wins the day…and climbs the hill.

Hwy 3 winding up out of the valley

Our drive took us right be Christina Lake, another favourite place of ours to stop and spend time with our good friends Wayne and Lynn. We’re remembering them in our prayers these days as Wayne has been Promoted to Glory.  They are in our prayers now and I remembered them in prayer as we drove past this very special place!

Even though it is coming into summer quickly in most of the country you’ll see the last picture has some snow at the side of the road.  On our way to Nelson we passed through a high pass in the mountains that had had snow the day before and had actually been closed.  Fortunately by the time we went by it was clear and open.

Mountains to the west

How we miss the mountains and the incredible scenery of this part of the country.  Somehow the concrete canyons of Toronto just don’t measure up!

Coming in to the town of Christina Lake

Typical scenery crossing the bridge

Heading into the pass evidence of yesterday’s snow

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