Friday update

Some musings for Friday…

The Montreal Canadiens lost last night – the first game of the playoffs to Ottawa.  The game seemed tilted in favour of the Canadiens who had 50 shots on net.  However a hot goalie for Ottawa and a disallowed goal for the Canadiens turned the tide – on to game 2!

We bought our van recently and have headed back into the “own your own vehicle” ocean.  First trip to the garage has found a couple of issues…can you hear the sound?  KaChing KaChing KaChing… welcome back says the mechanic!

Spring has arrived in full force – we’ve had some very nice and warm days this week.  We have a tall tree in our backyard that appears to be dead….or almost.  That will require some major surgery and a city permit to get it down.  Photos to follow in time.

Wendy has joined Twitter…you’ll find her at @wendyh20s.

And finally, the fun we are having with Rachel in the house continues.  We were out shopping lately (Wendy found some great bargains) and I got these shots on my BlackBerry.  The hat was nearby and I put in on her head – she didn’t object but with the clothes rack at her height she loved looking through them.

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