Nervous news from North Korea

North Korea has always made me nervous.  By that I mean its leadership and its military policies. As you know the rhetoric from the leadership of this country has been regularly hostile as they view themselves as defending only half of the rightful land.  The DMZ sits between North and South Korea and skirmishes are regular.

In the past few weeks North Korea has begun to not only talk about war, it has been positioning itself for war.  This is a very dangerous scenario – perhaps the most dangerous that we’ve seen in global conflict in some time.  The fact that the new young leader Kim Jong Un feels it necessary to put itself in this position is troubling and perhaps it is just another time of saber rattling.

South Korea reports that while military equipment has been moved there have been no large troop movements which is somewhat satisfying but no one living in the area is likely sleeping soundly just yet.

North Korea is talking to its allies suggesting they may wish to withdraw diplomatic staff from NK should there be conflict…so we all watch and wait.

Jesus told us that as time went on there would be an increase in wars and rumours of wars.  Perhaps this is the kind of thing He was referring to!  Not a war yet but certainly rumours abound.

Let’s pray that wisdom wins over ego and that peace is the outcome that all seek.


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