Warner Theatre – Erie PA

 Around Christmas Wendy was listening to one of her favourite Christmas CD’s – the Celtic Women – and I took the time to see if they happen to be in concert near us.  As it turned out they were coming to Toronto in February…while we were in Florida!  Ah, but they were in Florida…but by then we were back in Toronto.

Where else were they presenting?

I noticed that in March they were back in the area in Erie PA…a mere 3.5 hours from Toronto.  Well, I use to drive from Calgary to Edmonton in a day just to attend a meeting and then drive home!  So I bought us a couple of tickets and this past weekend we found ourselves taking the trip.

The concert was in the Warner Theatre in Erie.  This fabulous structure bears the name of the world-famous Warner Bros. who commissioned it to be built in 1929 and it was opened in 1931.
It seats 2250 people and the restoration work is magnificent.

The concert itself was excellent and I’m only sorry that I wasn’t allowed to record any of the actual concert, but you’ve likely heard the group but if not here’s the link to their You Tube Channel.

We had wonderful seats in the front row of the balcony.  The quality was wonderful and the harmony was amazing.  We really enjoyed it!

I wasn’t allowed, as you would expect, to record any of the concert but I did get a couple of photos of the interior of the building.

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