His Unshakable Kingdom

“I am an unceasing eternal being in whom Christ dwells and delights in. I am part of His unshakable Kingdom and it is not in trouble. Therefore I am completely safe”. 

That’s the quote given us by John McAuley last week.  I wrote it down as quickly as I could…and then people around the room started asking him to repeat it.

Now don’t be mistaken – the church, that is the North American church as we know it IS in trouble.  But the Kingdom, the unshakable Kingdom is not in trouble.  And my identification is first and foremost with His Kingdom.  My citizenship is in Heaven while my residency is on earth.

When Jesus offered us to rest in Him, I think he had this in mind, for He knew that in our lives we often are worried about the circumstances around us and yet His Kingdom is NOT in trouble…so rest in that truth.

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