What I’ve learned in the last year

So it’s been another year of change…

1. Change of appointment
2. Jason, Susan and Rachel moved in with us
3. Wendy’s Mom passed away
4. Philip and Amanda lost one baby but soon found they were expecting another
5. We decided to buy our van…thus parachuting out of the PHH lease system
6. We all had birthdays..yes I know we all do but it just adds to the changing seasons

And of course there are more subtle changes…our graying hair or the flow of our bank accounts or the friends who move away from us.  Many changes.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned in the last year – in light of that and my articulated desire to be a life long learner.

I’ve learned:

1. Things need to be held lightly – people need to be held tightly
2. Change needs to be embraced
3. Expectation of change is always helpful
4. Treasure the best moments however fleeting and by that I mean pay attention – to all the details
5. Don’t be bothered by your inconsistencies – strive for consistency over the long haul so ask for forgiveness quickly for small slips but keep the account you have with God and your friends clean
6. Prepare for what you think are least likely things to happen – some day they will likely come
7. Seek out wise friends not just friendly friends
8. Pray more, worry less
9. Say what you think….like how much you appreciate others or what they do…put words to it
10. Be authentic to who you are…but be wise about it
11. Read – lots but include your Bible

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