Are you glad it’s Friday?

Friday.  Someone said to me today – thank goodness it is finally Friday.  I guess it’s been a tough week or a long week for them.  For me the time has moved quickly and I’ve arrived at this point in the week with some business yet to be completed.

Isn’t it interesting how our perception of the pace of time is impacted so much by our emtional journey through the days.  We describe it some times as a “long week” or time “went by quickly”.  Yet we all know that time never actually speeds up or slows down.  A week is always 7 days, it’s always 168 hours, it is always 4032 minutes.  Always?  Yes always.

Many years ago I heard a great sermon – a visitor to our church – who spoke about “this is the day the LORD hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it”.  He talked about people who live in the past.  They regurgitate the stories, tell of old wounds, often carry regret for things done or not done – they tire us out by looking backward.  I can’t help but think of Lot’s wife!

He then went on to tell of those who live in the future – awaiting just the right time!  You know how this goes, when they finish school  or find the right mate, then all will be well.  They talk about how wonderful it will be when Christmas comes or they live for the weekend or holidays.  Today they simply exist awaiting the time when things will be better.  I can’t help but think of Judas – 30 pieces of silver for a better tomorrow.

So what about today.

What about right now.

About to step on to the glacier

Can you take a deep breath – yes you just thought about the air you breath.  Are you thankful for that?  Or what about the roof over your head or the fact that you have reliable electricity or the ability to read these words?  Is it possible that there are things, which we take for granted, to be thankful for?  Is today a day that you can see, sense, the goodness of God?

Here’s a photo from June 2001.  Philip and I with Tom and Mike climbed Mount Hector…it took us a day and a half.  In this photo were just about to step on to the glacier to begin the final leg up to the summit.  It was a beautiful day – a day I well remember.  First this was the longest trip we had made to date and secondly the idea of the glacier I found to be fascinating.  Below was snow, long ago compressed to ice that had been working it’s way down the mountain.  Where we stepped on represented many many years of accumulation.  But on the end the glacier now melted and ran away to form the streams and rivers below.  On the edge today meant something.

It meant change and release.

What does today mean for you?  Can today be a day you can free yourself from worrying about tomorrow or regretting yesterday?

Today is filled with opportunity.

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