Welcome to Canada

So President Obama won so you”re planning to move to Canada.  Welcome to our country.  If you’re a citizen of the United States of America and that’s your plan there’s a few things you should know.  This isn’t USA north, in fact there are a few significant differences that you’ll need to consider.  Here’s a short list for your consideration.

1. We have a parliamentary system of government – it’s not a republic.  We can call an election, have a campaign and elect a new government in 7 weeks!  So please pick up the pace.
2. We use Celsius to measure temperature not Fahrenheit – thus 32 is hot not freezing.
3. You won’t find any one dollar bills but in its place we have the very nice looney.
4. You’ll need to learn to spell correctly – it’s colour not color.
5. Lacrosse is our national sport not baseball but you’ll discover we’re most passionate about hockey.
6. You’ll need to leave your guns at home – it is no longer your right to bear arms.
7. Health care is for everyone so you’ll be covered – in time.
8. Canada doesn’t make it a habit of attacking other countries – nor are we anxious to brawl in the parking lot so try not to start any fights.
9. If you’re from the south you might like to know that the warmest parts of Canada are in southern Ontario and southern BC.
10. Finally – most of your famous Americans are actually Canadians…from Lorne Green to Justin Bieber!

So if you’re coming – gird your loins and come along!  Oh – and get ready to pay taxes!

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