A journey back 31 years

This was a walk down memory lane day.  After 31 years we returned to the church that we left to enter into ministry.  It was June 1981 that I last stood in that pulpit.  I had, which was pointed out today, big glasses.  But then we all had big glasses.

Folks said they recognized Wendy right away – me, apparently not so much!  How funny to hear the comments.  A number of people who knew my Dad thought I preached like him – a wonderful compliment to my ears.  He was an excellent communicator.

From my perspective it was great to be on the platform again – it is the one big thing I miss these days though I’m grateful for the amount I’ve been able to preach – or communicate as I prefer to call it.

So looking back on 31 years I thought I might reflect on what I’ve learned in the journey of life.

1. I’m not the same person – neither physically, emotionally or spiritually – neither is anyone else.  Don’t have a frozen assessment of others.
2. I’ve grown in appreciation for the weekly faithfulness of those who stay behind and, sometimes endure, the changing succession of leadership.  Local leaders are to be applauded.
3. God has grown and equipped us – we have learned through struggle and success that reliance on God is everything.  Keep learning.
4. The Army does it’s best to move the mission forward but at the end of the day God works through individual Christians who serve with courage. Push through fear.
5. Time moves all too quickly – there were many people gone to Glory that use to be pillars of the church – we need to be developing new leaders on a continual basis. Look for those in your sphere of influence.


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