The Faith of Leap – got the nerve to follow God?

This holiday I’m getting quite a bit of reading done.  Next on the list is Michael Frost and Alan Hirsh’s new book The Faith of Leap.  I’m only in 40 pages as of this afternoon but feeling very engaged in their writing and content.

This is a good book – and some great historical, Biblical and leadership lessons.

These are talented writers with good knowledge and insight.  This encouragement to a faith that is filled with stronger…well faith….that sees life as an adventure when we follow God is a welcome addition to Christian literature.

It seems to me that in our affluent world with our middle class existence we’ve grown away from relying on God.  My parents talked often of how God had provided as I was growing up.  Certainly my Dad grew up in a home where there was little many days and he often talked about God’s miraculous provision.

We’re not so inclined to speak like that – though God may still be in the business of miraculous provision.

The encouragement to live faith filled lives that see risk as part of the faith adventure is stimulating to read and I’m pleased to recommend this book to you!

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