Church planting – still an option?

We’re on the road and as I’m not always driving I have been digging into a new book on Church Planting.  The author raises lots of good questions and some interesting data for me to think about.  It leaves me wondering is Church planting still viable, and what does church planting look like if it is?

We tried the attraction model, the small group model, the duplication model.

With such a decline in churches and church attendance does it even make sense to plant new churches?

I’ve been tasked to deliver a proposed church planting strategy for our denomination.  So I’m reading, researching, thinking and talking to those involved in this field.  The matter is not straight forward nor simple. Whatever the model it seems to me that God continues to call his people together to send them out.

I have been involved in two church plants – one was a good experience, and one was not.  I’m wondering about you?  Have you ever been part of a church plant?  What was it like?  Did you see it connect to the community or just draw people from other churches?

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