Tuesday is rolling to an end as we finish up another day at the Territorial School of Music.  The hash tag for those of you who are interested seems to be #National2012. (Why do some people call it Nationals…with an S???!!)

That being said, that hash tag has come from the participants.  It’s been great to know Olaf who is also on Twitter – not to mention seeing so many of the students using it.  It makes following that hash tag quite a bit of fun.

It isn’t all fun here – we’re also keeping very busy and I’ve been absolutely delighted with the Bible teaching of Janice Rees.  She’s a Corps Officer from Australia, just finishing up her PhD and the mother of two active young children.  She’s been taking us through Galatians and you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook you will have seen some of the gems I’ve picked up from her.

We should be good and tired by the end of the week but it will have been worthwhile.  A photo to help you fill in the blanks – and once I’m home I’ll have some video posted to You Tube as well.

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