Evangelism – tools or motivation?

I was in a meeting yesterday which has to do with what my role will be after June 29th.  The discussion was about evangelism – tools, techniques, strategy.  I was there by invitation – as a courtesy – for there is a project that will fall under my supervision.

There were a few people on a conference call along with those of us in the room.  One of the participants with great passion and energy gave a most articulate plea for soldiers and officers to be more fully engaged in evangelism – to see them living up to their covenants….to live to win souls.

We all agree.  We all believe that that’s the ideal, the goal.

But I was left with a question.  If the Christian Church, and especially individual Christians, are to be willing or active in speaking to others about the forgiveness Jesus offers, then is it a question of giving people tools?  Or is it a matter of people being willing?

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