A Thursday morning walk in London UK

Walkway Garden

As I had a couple of hours this morning I went for a long walk and took some photos of the area.  The first thing to be noticed as you walk is that everything is green – even the brick has moss growing on it – everywhere are flowers and gardens.  The other thing you notice is how narrow the roads are and therefore the lanes.  When the big double decker bus comes along, and it does so frequently, it fills every inch of the bus lane.  The roads are busy, and for those of you who are worried about me, there are many places where the instruction to look right is painted on the road when you come to an intersections.  

Tree in bloom

The transportation system is very noteworthy – you cannot help but notice how very frequently the buses are running and how the system of buses, subway and trains integrates into a very usable way to manage your travel.

Just down the street is a major hospital and I noticed that with all the ambulances coming and going sometimes they just pull up at the curb, open the doors and run in with the patient.  How’s that Phil?  And of course their ambulances are much narrower.  Or it seemed that way as I walked by.

An Ambulance by the hospital

The weather has been good – no sign of rain in the forecast.  If I’ve had any repeated question about Canada it has certainly been about weather.  I’ve tried to describe winters in Edmonton – or the snow falls that we experienced in Ottawa or the east coast and contrast it with the climate of Toronto.  The thought of a minus 40 day in January seems hard for them to grasp – which leads to questions about how we dress in winter!  The context of our understanding always frames our understanding of what we have not experienced.

I really enjoy London!

A predator in the park

The prey!

UK sign – for those of you who keep the sabbath

The bus pulls into the stop

A local shop

A sign to keep the pedestrians unharmed

If there’s no room to park on the street

A local park

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